About Woods


I’m of the opinion that Stanley screwed Buckner in ’86 and that Cubs fans should shut up about Bartman because Florida was just a better team that year, get over it. Can be found most evenings at AT&T park in seats much better than the ones I actually have tickets to, yelling “He’s a bum” to whoever happens to be playing left field for the opposing team.

I’ve been writing about baseball since 2007, and have contributed to numerous sites including BleacherReport and Deadspin. Most notable are my preseason MLB predictions, which have gained considerable acclaim because I’m usually that weird guy who picks the Brewers to make the playoffs.

I’ll generally argue a given team’s worthiness for reasons not based on WAR, xFIP or UZR, but rather on the meticulously groomed style of the closer’s mustache, or the uncanny resemblance of the shortstop to Juan Pablo from The Bachelor.

It’s that type of outside-the-box analysis that provide my faithful readers with a fresh take on the current baseball landscape.

This is my attempt at starting my own platform, in my own corner of the internet. For more of my wonderful insights, please follow me on Twitter.