Woods Baseball Podcasts – Coming Soon!

Hello readers!

Now that the season is officially underway, I’m working on starting up a regular podcast with Guest Asian Columnist Alex Hom. I’m hoping that it grows into a weekly thing, where we can discuss day-to-day events in the baseball world, prospects, the playoff picture, and the ever-intriguing state of Tim Lincecum’s mustache.

Here’s what I need from you guys:

a) Questions! Got something you’d like to ask us? Email your questions to woodsbaseballoracle@gmail.com for us to answer on air! The podcast can’t happen without good material, so send us your most probing, most ridiculous questions and you won’t be disappointed!

b) Guests! A podcast gets boring if it’s just the same two or three guys talking about baseball every day. Especially if they all have the same team allegiances (and we at Woods Baseball are all Giants fans). If you’d like to drop some baseball knowledge, send us an email at woodsbaseballoracle@gmail.com to apply to be a guest on our podcast!


Here’s a sample: Our first podcast for Duck Hunt Dynasty where we discuss division winners and World Series picks. Give it a listen! And if you like it, please support our endeavors by emailing in your questions!

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I'm of the opinion that Stanley screwed Buckner in '86 and that Cubs fans should shut up about Bartman because Florida was just a better team that year, get over it. Can be found most evenings at AT&T park in seats much better than the ones I actually have tickets to, yelling "He's a bum" to whoever happens to be playing left field for the opposing team.

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